Art That Blooms

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Original Yucca is of the western hemisphere

Grew in the tropical Americas and Mexico

Leaves like swords reach two to ten feet.


It’s the Yucca Moth’s home for fertilization

Lay eggs in flowers of 40 different species

Scientists study to relocate Yuccas to Africa.


The white cassava root makes our tapioca.

Will supply carbohydrates, to fill tummies

A new-old nutritious food, save the starving.


Like when potatoes, squash, tomatoes

Corn, beans in 1600 were taken to Europe.

Nations began to thrive and multiple.


Again the old world could realize survival

Yuccas grown now for personal attraction

Look with wonder, help to eliminate hunger.


Margo Holzman


Original Acrylic Painting on Paper
Original Acrylic Painting on Paper

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  1. Marlys Greenhalgh

    This acrylic painting was inspired by the spectacular yucca bloom in my garden. The work was exhibited in June as part of the “Art that Blooms” show by the Portage Center for the Arts. The floral arrangements are created to echo the art. Poems are composed in response to the art.

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