A field of sunflowers in the hot summer sun was inspirational!
20″ x 16″ Oil Painting done ‘en plein air at Durward’s Glen, near Baraboo, WI.
Observing Devil’s Lake from the west bluff in summer.
Baxter Hollow Stream
This original oil painting was inspired by the serene stream reflecting the blue winter sky.
  • Field of Sunflowers 16" x 12" oil painting, painted 'en plein air', sunflowers in full bloom outside Sauk Prairie Hospital
  • View from McLeisch Road 20" x 16" painted 'en plein air' in autumn at Durward's Glen
  • Devil's Lake Perch Observing Devil's Lake from the West Bluff
  • Baxter's Hollow in Winter 20" x 16" oil painting of the serene nature preserve in winter